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‘On a Swiss holiday in 1937, Liz Jenson’s grandmother and nineteen-year-old uncle had a row. He stormed out and vanished. Four days later, she was found dead. Eighty years on, the family is still in the grip of the mystery.’ The Guardian 26 September 2016

‘In his book Into the Silent Land, the neurologist Paul Broks writes: “When we see the brain we realise that we are, on one level, no more than meat; and on the other, no more than fiction.”

More than ever, I feel the truth of that. Death is rarely the end of any story. The dead are silent – yet they speak to us. Stories are born of our attempts to answer the questions they provoke. Where there is a void, our brains rush in to create a truth. As if by doing so we can bring back the missing, resurrect the dead’

Liz Jenson, Death in The Alps: A Double Family Puzzle. (from here) 


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