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The anonymity of the artist

Jenny Holzer’s work was originally printed on billboards in the street. Then it was taken up by museums, exhibited with her name, the name of the artist.

‘I have to admit that the move from the street into museums was not the most comfortable one. Anonymity was taken away, but it was an honour to be invited inside. At the very beginning, I thought I was better off on the street, unseen, but it became clear soon enough that I wasn’t fast becoming anything other than an artist, so I finally gave over and allowed myself to make work. Over the years, my work has changed. Going from the street to the museum partly came from the need and desire to be a better artist. In the best of worlds, the work would be seen, and I would remain a shadowy figure. This mindset still affects the sort of work I tend to make: pieces that are glimpsed, that exist for a moment and then in memory.’ interview with Jenny Holzer 


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Words as Art

1108075                                                                              Jenny Holzer


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