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Dream after seeing a photograph

‘The Seminole/Muskogee/Navajo woman photographer Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie has recorded a beautiful dream of George Trager’s famous 1891 photograph of Big Foot, lying frozen in the snow after the massacre at Wounded Knee:
I had a vivid dream of this photograph. In my dream I was an observer floating – I saw Big Foot as he is in the photograph, and my heart ached.

I was about to mourn uncontrollably when into the scene walked a small child, about six years old. She walked about the carnage, looking into the faces of those lying dead in the snow. She was searching for someone. Her small moccasin footprints imprinted the snow as she walked over to Big Foot, looking into his face. She shakes his shoulders, takes his frozen hand into her small, warm hand, and helps him to his feet. He then brushes the snow off of his clothes. She waits patiently with her hand extended, he then takes her hand and they walk out of the photograph. This is the dream I recall when I look upon this image of supposed hopelessness.


(Eliot Weinberger:Oranges and Peanuts for Sale)


(see photo here, scroll down) 

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