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Private and public

Interviewer to poet

‘You make work in private, but once it goes public, readers make it their own. They define the work—and, by extension, you—in terms of who they are, what they want or believe. ‘

David L. Ulin, interviewing poet Claudia Rankine, The Paris Review The Art of Poetry No. 102

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The poet and her work

[CLaudia ] Rankine, born in Jamaica and raised in Kingston and New York, is blunt and thoughtful, not unlike her work. In conversation, she leans forward, speaking slowly, often pausing to consider the most useful phrase or word. This, we might say, is the poet in her; she was recently elected a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. At the same time, her writing challenges such expectations, blurring the lines of not only form but also content, requiring us to think of poetry anew.


‘Poet Claudia Rankine ruminates on the body politic in ‘Citizen’,

David L. UlinLos Angeles Times , October  9th  2014 (from here) 

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