On naming portraits: interview with Cindy Sherman

Interviewer : None of the portraits has a name. They all get a number and the prefix Untitled. Why no helpful titles?

Cindy Sherman: I don’t feel very wordy. Also I didn’t want to project my own narrative onto what somebody else is going to look at. I wanted them to come up with their own narrative. I never wanted to hit somebody over the head with the message. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

Interviewer: Doesn’t that mean that your audience is almost certain to misunderstand you?

Cindy Sherman: Yeah. Sometimes it’s not the narrative that is close to what I am thinking. And sometimes I’m shocked and disappointed they didn’t get what I was trying to portray. But I realise that’s the double edge of the sword. Of leaving it ambiguous that way.                   Another interview  with Cindy Sherman here

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