A child proud of his father

Gerhard Richter, 48 Portraits hanging over the stairwell in a gallery in Prague 2017

Interviewer” […] the paintings  . .  48 Portraits show the loss of a father figure –  the intimidating encyclopedia portraits of various male role models. They all pertain to the image of the lost father.

Gerhard Richter: Yes, absolutely, and I have even less difficulty admitting to it since it’s the experience of an entire generation, the postwar generation, or even two generations that lost their fathers for all sorts of reasons – some literally, who had fallen in the war; and then there were the others, the broken, the humiliated, the ones that returned physically or mentally damaged; and then those fathers that were actually guilty of crimes. Those are three types of fathers you don’t want to have. Every child wants a father to be proud of.

Interview with Babette Richter, 2002

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