Finding Gold

City of Fog: Passing the Flower – The Chinese Resource Pyramid Scheme behind the Three Gorges Dam

    A story about finding gold: a man bought a flock of ducks to raise tuition money for his two sons. One summer, the boys were tending the ducks by the pond and saw something gold shimmering under the water. They couldn’t swim so they set out to find their father. The father was busy playing cards, and he ignored the boys. The older son, out of patience, returned to the pond. The younger son appraised the situation, and had an idea. He went to his father and said, “My brother broke his leg”. His father ran frightened to the edge of the pond, and saw that his eldest son was fine. Angry, he slapped his younger son. The child, rubbing his sore face, said “Father, just look at the water!” The father looked, and saw something gold and shiny. He couldn’t reach it, so he drained the pond. When he picked up the object, he saw that it was a golden bowl of the type used by county magistrates in the Tang Dynasty, an extremely valuable object. He got a friend to sell it for him, and received over a million Yuan. When someone asked how he got so rich so quickly, he looked at the dried out pond, rubbed his son’s hair and said, “My son’s smarts, a lie with good intentions and a dried-up pond are what made me my fortune.” Chen Jiagang Smog City

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