Meeting the author

I was in Copenhagen and just walking along, you know, window shopping in a crowded mall. Denmark has a historical relationship with Greenland where a lot of Inuit live. Along the street came some Inuit dancers done up in traditional Greenland dress. They had their faces painted and they had furry costumes on, impersonating beasts and monsters, spirits of some kind. They were spirit dancers, growling and making odd noises to the crowd. They had clawed hands and face-distorters in their mouths—pieces of wood that made their cheeks stick out in a funny way. One of these furry spirit-monsters came over to me, took his face-distorter out of his mouth, and said, Are you Margaret Atwood? I said yes. He said, I like your work. And then he put his face-distorter back in his mouth and went growling off into the crowd.

Margaret Atwood,  The Paris Review interview, Winter 1990 (from here)

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