Inside and outside the story

The storyteller is, equally, in the story and outside it. All art perhaps involves moving between one or two or several “places.” You’re inside what you’re drawing, and you are outside the drawing, watching it. Simultaneously in two places. The artist is never in a single place–and in this he’s like a foreigner, trying maybe to create a temporary home.

True drawing (which is not what I claim to achieve) is to do with touching. Touching the subject (whether it is figurative or not) and touching the paper.

I don’t believe–insofar as art is concerned–in “new ideas”; I believe in the urgent need to discover what is already there, but has not been seen (at least by oneself). Again the masters help us–not to do what they did–but to have the courage to see what is waiting to be seen.

John Berger (from here)





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