The success story

‘Nellie works in the media. She has a favourite piece of wisdom: ‘You are the story you tell about yourself.’

This is Nellie’s golden rule. On every occasion, you have to present yourself as a success story.

You have to boast.

‘My play has just finished a massive UK tour. Utterly brilliant. Played to packed houses every night. Fabulous notices.’

You don’t mention that those theatres were in Booby Dingle or Chipping Sodbury. Or that the hall in Barton-in the-Beans was packed because it only seats forty. And they bussed in elderly folk from the Barking Hall Nursing Home to boost the numbers.

No. You must tell the good story. You must write the story of your life as if it were a press release.’

Hannie Rayson, Hello Beautiful: Scenes from a Life

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