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Our lemon tree


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Self Publishing

Self Publishing

In a way, everything is self publishing. When you open your mouth to talk, you are self publishing because you don’t want someone else to speak for you even if he or she were
the speech writer for Howard or Bush or Mao Zedong. When the rain decides to fall it is self publishing, on a regional scale, sometimes on a statewide scale. You can’t dismiss it as unworthily self publishing because it doesn’t fall on a national scale or international scale. Rivers in the world are self publishing on a daily and nightly basis. Even a little
creek is self publishing when it winds its way through an industrial zone clogged with toxicity and waste. Birds never remain quiet because they don’t get paid for calling, their
ways of self publishing that never is actually recorded in human history, not even in birds’ history, and when sometimes it does get recorded as in relaxation music they still
don’t get paid and they still keep singing, their ways of self publishing. Some great self publishers include James Joyce Marcel Proust Anais Nin Margaret Atwood William
Blake Virginia Woolf D.H. Lawrence Walter Whitman Mark Twain Lord Byron Percy Bysshe Shelley Ouyang and Yu, even Benjamin Britten had to found English Opera
Group in 1947 and the Aldeburgh Festival in 1948 “partly (though not solely) to perform his own works” (See That’s self
publishing. If self publishing is a crime, issue proceedings against us and take us all to an international court where the presiding judge is a well-published and award-winning
author who has never self published (Shame on Him!) and will sentence us all to a lifetime imprisonment of self publishers and a deathtime of self publishers 
Now listen, to the rain self publishing again as it did 3000 million years ago, on the page that is my roof

Ouyang Yu

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Golden arms

golden arms

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My scarf

scarf (1)


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Hydrangea pillow

Hydrangeas Italian shop

Hydrangea pillow at Mondopiero, 28 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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When asked if self-considered himself a tall poppy, the poet Les Murray, replied,  ‘ No. I’m a gorgeous spreading hydrangea.’

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